Sixfold satisfaction 六稱意(與密續薈供有關)

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Sixfold satisfaction (Wyl. tshim pa drug ldan) or sixfold contentment during tsok practice.

  1. satisfaction of the gathered deities as a result of the offerings,
  2. satisfaction of the practitioners as a result of the vajra food and drink,
  3. satisfaction of the wisdom beings as a result of the refined essence of nectar,
  4. satisfaction of the deities of the body mandala as a result of the pure awareness of bliss and emptiness,
  5. satisfaction of the outer and inner dakinis as a result of melodic song, and
  6. satisfaction of the arrogant and active spirits as a result of the torma offerings.[1]


  1. Based on Gönpo Tseten Rinpoche, The Udumbara Bouquet, where the list is attributed to Jikmé Lingpa. A similar but slightly different list appears in Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö's Yeshe Saldrön.