Precious word empowerment

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The precious word empowerment (Tib. tsik wang rinpoche; Wyl. tshig dbang rin po che) is the fourth and most important of the four empowerments. Khenpo Ngakchung writes that the goal of the precious word empowerment is to generate the spontaneously arisen innate wisdom, the absolute meaning of empowerment.[1]

Thinley Norbu explains why it is called 'word' empowerment:

The lama indicates to us by words in order to make us realize that the basis of our own natural mind is buddha nature. [...] In some systems, in the word empowerment, the lama indicates by a gesture, such as showing an object like a crystal, and explains how we should watch our mind.[2]

The precious word empowerment:

Alternative Terms/Translations

  • ultimate empowerment of the absolute nature
  • symbolic empowerment


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Further Reading

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