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Jé Khenpo Gendün Rinchen (Wyl. rje mkhan po dge 'dun rin chen) (1926-1997) was the 69th Jé Khenpo of Bhutan. He was recognized as an incarnation of Tertön Sogyal by Lama Sonam Zangpo, who was struck by the similarity between his writing and some of Lerab Lingpa's works.[1]

不丹國師第六十九代傑堪布給敦仁千尊者(1926-1997),由喇嘛蘇南桑波認證為伏藏師索甲(Tertön Sogyal)的轉世。給敦仁千尊者的著作和列饒.林巴(Lerab Lingpa)一些著作的相似度,令喇嘛蘇南桑波的印象十分深刻。


His writings, which were published in six volumes in Rewalsar, India, include a popular biography of the crazy yogi Drukpa Kunley, compiled from various sources.[2]

給敦仁千尊者的著作在印度雷瓦沙集結為六冊出版,其中包括一本廣受歡迎的瘋狂瑜伽士竹巴.袞列(Drukpa Kunley)的傳記,是由多種參考來源彙編而成。


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