Five branch winds 五支分風/氣/息

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The five branch winds (Tib. yenlak gi lung nga; Wyl. yan lag gi rlung lnga) are part of the our subtle psycho-physical system. The five branch winds enable the senses to operate. They are:

  1. The naga wind (Tib. lu'i lung; Wyl. klu'i rlung). This lung is connected with the eyes and sight.
  2. The tortoise wind (Tib. rubal gyi lung; Wyl. ru sbal gyi rlung). This wind connects with the heart and the sense of hearing [check].
  3. The lizard wind (Tib. tsangpé lung; Wyl. rtsangs pa'i rlung) — associated with the nose and the sense of smell.
  4. The devadatta wind (Tib. lhéjin gyi lung; Wyl. lhas byin gyi rlung) — related to the sense of taste [check].
  5. The 'king of wealth deities' wind (Tib. nor lha gyal gyi lung; Wyl. nor lha rgyal gyi rlung). This wind connects with the body and the sense of touch.

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