First Drubwang Pema Norbu

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Drubwang Pema Norbu

First Drubwang Pema Norbu (1679-1757) was born in 1679, as prophesied by Jatsön Nyingpo (1585-1656), the famous revealer of termas, the hidden treasure teachings of Padmasambhava. At the age of twenty one, he met the great vidyadhara and first throne-holder of Palyul monastery, Kunzang Sherab. Pema Norbu's root guru was Pema Lhundrup Gyatso, the second throne-holder, who granted him the transmissions of the all-important teachings on Maha, Anu and Ati yogas; as well as the Kagyé, Gongdü, the termas of Ratna Lingpa, the 'Namchö' termas of Mingyur Dorje, the revelations of Jatsön Nyingpo, and many others. On account of his perfect accomplishment, particularly in the trekchö and tögal practices of Dzogpachenpo, he was called Drubwang--'Powerful Master of Accomplishment'. He became the third holder of the throne of Palyul, passing away in 1757. Many of his disciples attained full realization in their lifetime.

Further Reading

  • Ven. Tsering Lama Jampal Zangpo, A Garland of Immortal Wish-Fulfilling Trees: The Palyul Tradition of Nyingmapa, translated by Sangye Khandro, Snow Lion, 1988

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