Eleven son scriptures

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Eleven son scriptures (Tib. སྲས་བཅུ་གཅིག་, Wyl. sras bcu gcig) — of the seventeen sutras upon which the Abhisamayalankara is a commentary, these are the ones which reveal the eight topics only partially.[1]

  1. 700 Verses on Transcendent Wisdom (Saptashatika)
  2. 500 Verses (Pañcashatika)
  3. 300 Verses (Trishatika)
  4. 150 Modes (Naya shaia pañcashatika)
  5. 50 Verses (Ardhashatika)
  6. 25 Doors (Pañcavimshati)
  7. Requested by Suvikrantavikrami
  8. Requested by Kaushika
  9. Few Letters of Transcendent Wisdom (Svalpakshara)
  10. Single Letter of Transcendent Wisdom (Ekashari)
  11. The Heart of Wisdom (Prajñahridaya)


  1. Khenpo Tsöndrü says, "Regarding the criteria for classifying these as either ‘mother’ or ‘son’ scriptures, sutras revealing the eight clear realizations are termed ‘mother’ scriptures, whilst those revealing them only partially are termed ‘son’."[1]

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