Dungkar Lobzang Trinlé 東噶.洛桑聽列

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Dungkar Lobzang Trinlé

Dungkar Lobzang Trinlé (Wyl. dung dkar blo bzang 'phrin las) (1927-1997) was an important scholar, famous for his Great Dictionary and his works on Tibetan history and grammar. At the age of four he was recognized as the eighth Dungkar Rinpoche. After the Cultural Revolution he became a leading advocate of education in the Tibetan language. He passed away on July 21st 1997.

東噶.洛桑聽列(Wyl. dung dkar blo bzang 'phrin las , 1927-1997)為一重要學者,以其《東噶藏學大辭典》及對西藏的歷史和語法之著作聞名。他在四歲時被認證為第八世東嘎仁波切,文革後,他成為了藏文教育的主要倡導者,去世於1997年7月21日。


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  • Pema Bhum, 'An Overview of the Life of Professor Dungkar Lozang Trinlé Rinpoche' in Latse Library Newsletter, vol 5, 2008, pp. 18-36

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