Collected Topics

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Collected Topics (Tib. བསྡུས་གྲྭ་, Wyl. bsdus grwa) is the name given to a genre of literature, especially popular in the Gelugpa school, which provides an introduction to the basic themes of pramana. In its broadest sense, it includes the genres of Lorik (བློ་རིགས་, blo rigs) and Tarik (རྟགས་རིགས་, rtags rigs).

Major Texts

  • Phurchok Dūdra (translated in Rogers 2009)

Further Reading

  • Shunzo Onoda, 'bsDus grwa Literature' in Cabezón and Jackson, ed., Tibetan Literature: Studies in Genre (Ithaca: Snow Lion, 1996)
  • Katherine Manchester Rogers, Tibetan Logic (Ithaca: Snow Lion, 2009)