Basic vehicle

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Basic Vehicle (Skt. Hīnayāna; Tib. ཐེག་དམན་, Wyl. theg dman) — literally the 'Lesser Vehicle', but perhaps more accurately understood as 'Vehicle of Lesser Result'. What principally distinguishes followers of the Hinayana from those of the Great Vehicle (Skt. Mahayana; Wyl. theg chen) is their motivation. They aspire for the personal liberation of nirvana, and lack the courage to pursue the greater fruition of the Mahayana—this being the enlightenment of all sentient beings.

It comprises both the Shravakayana (Skt.) or vehicle of shravakas and the Pratyekabuddhayana (Skt.) or vehicle of pratyekabuddhas.

Alternative Translations

  • Fundamental Vehicle
  • Individual Vehicle