Bari Lotsawa

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Bari Lotsawa (བ་རི་ལོ་ཙཱ་, Wyl. ba ri lo tsA) aka Rinchen Drak (rin chen grags) (1040-1111) — the second throne holder of Sakya school (Tib. Sakya Trizin). At the age of 63, he retained the seat of Sakya for a period of eight years (1102-1110). He is one of the main lineage figures in the transmission and translation of the White Tara practice and tantras that originate from the Indian master Vagishvarakirti.

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  • The Blue Annals (Trad. Roerich, G.N.), Delhi: Motilal Barnasidass, 1996, p.1021-1024.

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