Anger 嗔(毒)

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Anger — one of the root destructive emotions.


The word 'anger' translates several Tibetan including khongtro (Wyl. khong khro) and shyédang (Wyl. zhe sdang). His Holiness the Dalai Lama has advised that the latter term should be translated as hatred, because the word anger can sometimes, in rare circumstances, be seen as positive, whereas hatred like shyédang can never be positive. However, when it appears in the context of tantra, he says, it should be translated as anger.


Oral Teachings on Overcoming Anger Given by Sogyal Rinpoche

  • Lerab Ling, 18 July 2011
  • Zurich, 23 September 2010
  • London, 29 October 1997 & 16 November 1997
  • Munich, 22 April 1995 pm
  • Paris, 29 April 1995 am & pm

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