A Brief Guide to the Stages of Visualization 前行觀想次第簡明指導

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Patrul Rinpoche, image courtesy of Shechen Monastery

A Brief Guide to the Stages of Visualization (Tib. དམིགས་རིམ་བསྡུས་པ་, Mikrim Düpa; Wyl. dmigs rim bsdus pa) — a text by Patrul Rinpoche on the stages of visualization of the Longchen Nyingtik Ngöndro. This text is also known as the ཟུར་རྒྱན་, Zur Gyen (‘appendix’, literally ‘extra adornment’) because it appears at the end of some of the Tibetan editions of Kunzang Lama’i Shelung. The Mikrim Düpa closely follows the explanations for the practices given in The Words of My Perfect Teacher, but is a far more condensed text and some of its descriptions are slightly different.

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