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Ü-Tsang (Tib. དབུས་གཙང་, Wyl. dbus gtsang), or Central and Western Tibet, is one of the three major provinces of Tibet, the other two being Kham and Amdo. Ü-Tsang was formed by the merging of two earlier power centers: Ü (Tib. དབུས་, dbus) in central Tibet, and Tsang (Tib. གཙང་, gtsang) in the 17th century. Geographically Ü-Tsang covers the central and western portions of the Tibetan cultural area, including the Tsangpo watershed, the western districts surrounding and extending past Mount Kailash, and much of the vast Chang Tang plateau to the north. The Himalayan range defines Ü-Tsang's southern border.


There are four districts in Ü-Tsang:

  • Lharu and Geru in Tsang, and
  • Yeru and Yönru (Tib. གཡོན་་རུ, Wyl. g.yon ru) in Ü.

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