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བསམ་གཏན། (Wyl. bsam gtan) n. Pron.: samten

  • Skt. dhyana. meditative stabilization [Shamatha Meditation] ▷AW
  • meditative stabilization ▷AW
  • trance ▷EC
  • contemplation ▷RTH
  • concentrative process ▷HVG MD
  • Skt. dhyana. meditative concentration [Shamatha Meditation] [Paramitas]
  • Skt. ध्यान, dhyāna Pron.: dhyana. From Sanskrit: n. meditation, thought, reflection, (esp. ) profound and abstract religious meditation, ( [ °nam āpad ] , [ ā-√ sthā ] or [°naṃ-√ gam], to indulge in religious meditation) (with Buddhists divided into 4 stages, but also into 3). Mental representation of the personal attributes of a deity | insensibility , dulness. | m. N. of a partic. personification of the 11th day of the light half in Brahma's month. [Sanskrit] MW

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