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1. 吉噶康楚仁波切:當我們的心被渴望所迷惑,便無法判斷歡愉和苦惱的真正樣貌
Pleasure or Pain?

The mind captivated by a state of craving has no clue as to what pain and pleasure really are. When we hanker after objects, do we experience peace and bliss? Are we in control? Do we feel at ease? Or do we feel restless? Stressed and worried? Insecure and desperate? The slippery thing about attachment is that, in our bewilderment, we can’t tell the difference between pleasure and pain, love and desire, happiness and sorrow. The craving mind can mistake anything for pleasure—even pain! It’s like an addiction.

—Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, Light Comes Through: Buddhist Teachings on Awakening to Our Natural Intelligence, page 32

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有些人認為:「這世界越來越敗壞了。」 然而另一方面,也有許多人日益付出關心。各國都有許多人在行善,使得世界依然保持安定且適合居住。認識到這一點並隨喜當今的利他典範,有其重要性。

Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche
Some say the world is getting worse and worse, but on the other hand, there are so many people caring more and more. The good deeds of many people in each country are what keep the world as safe and comfortable as it is. It's important to recognize this and to rejoice in modern examples of altruism.
The Intelligent Heart
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3. 吉噶康楚仁波切:一切取決於你─佛法道上的反觀自照修持
在修道上,我們會談到證悟。然而攬鏡自照─心中生起不安、疑惑、自我中心的習性時,要如何讓我們的所見與證悟的想法變得一致?吉噶康楚仁波切建議:當這些經驗浮現時,不必因此覺得自己「完了」。 事實上,只要我們單純讓它們生起,不評判、不探究,別認為那些有多重要,它們就不構成問題。這種對待經驗的方式,即仁波切所謂的反觀自照(自我省思)。

反觀自照,是修持、修道,也是一種態度,一種關注那些我們往往試圖推拒之情境的精神。修持反觀自照,就等於掌握解脫、接受挑戰,進行自身的醍醐灌頂。 正如書名所說:一切取決於你!

IT’S UP TO YOU: The Practice Of Self-Reflection On Buddhist Path

On the spiritual path, we speak of enlightenment. But how do we reconcile the idea of enlightenment with what we see, when we look in the mirror -- When insecurities,doubts and self-centered tendencies arise in our mind? Dzigar Kongtrul suggests that we need not feel “doomed” when these experiences surface. In fact, such experiences are not a problem, if we are able to simply and let them arise without judging them or investing them with so much meaning. This approach to experience is what Kongtrul calls: Self-Reflection.

Self-reflection is a practice, a path and an attitude. It is the spirit of taking an interest in that which we usually try to push away. When we practice self-reflection, we take liberation into our own hands and accept the challenge and personal empowerment,

In Kongtrul’s title: It’s up to you.
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4. 吉噶康楚仁波切:如何令證悟者歡喜
[Photo: Kongtrul Rinpoche and his mother Mayum-la, who was his first teacher and an extremely accomplished yogini. She did 12 years of retreat before getting married to Neten Chokling Rinpoche and maintained a four-session a day practice schedule for the whole of her life while raising five children.]


If we care about pleasing enlightened beings, we have to serve sentient beings, because the welfare of beings is their greatest concern. When we harm beings, we’re also hurting the buddhas and bodhisattvas.


— Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, from “The Intelligent Heart: A Guide to the Compassionate Life”
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早晨醒來時,別帶著一堆焦慮就這麼跳下床,喝咖啡或淋浴。花一點時間自問:「我要怎麼度過這一天?如何努力減輕我的自尊高傲?如何努力實踐我想利益他人的願景?」要生起一種想成為菩薩的深切渴望。  --摘自新書《智慧心》

Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

When you wake up in the morning, don't just jump out of bed with a lot of anxiety in your heart and reach for your coffee or get in the shower. Take a moment to think to yourself, 'how am I going to spend this day? How am I going to work on reducing my self-importance? How can I work toward fulfilling my vision to benefit others?' Cultivate a deep longing to become a bodhisattva.

The Intelligent Heart
(Source~ https://www.facebook.com/GlimpseFromDharmaOcean/photos/a.700089320061440/1213507785386255/?type=3&theater)